Sell Diamonds in Sydney

Sell Diamonds Sydney pride ourselves in our expert knowledge in the Diamond Industry. Having worked in the industry for years, our expert team handle everything in the selling of your diamonds, from your first initial phone call, right through to assessing, evaluating and valuing your jewels and ensuring you the best possible money for your diamonds.

Located in the Sydney CBD, we can easily be reached by train, bus or car. Many diamond buyers operate in hard-to-reach locations, requiring you to send your jewels away to be valued and wait to hear back form them. Being in the heart of the Sydney City, our office can’t be missed and we can talk you through the value of your jewels, and pay you on the spot, meaning less travel time for you in selling your unwanted diamonds!

Being a private shop, we are owned and operated by the team you are dealing with. Our competitors are often franchise chains and multiple-locations stores that are impersonal, and are not looking out for the best interests of their clients. When working with us, the diamond specialist you speak with on the phone will be person you work with right until the very end in selling your jewels, we ensure that we work directly with you to ensure that you are comfortable every step of the way.

We are proudly a family-run business with years of experience in the industry. At Sell Diamonds Sydney, we treat every client of ours as if they are one of our family, ensuring that we guarantee the best possible price on their diamond jewellery, and place their trust in us every step of the way. We value our relationships with our clients, and many of them come back time and time again, as well as recommending us to friends and family. Once you work with us once you will always be part of the Sell Diamonds Sydney family!

Call us today on 9299 8070 to find out more information and book an appointment in our CBD office.


Sell Diamonds, Diamond Jewellery for Instant Cash

Sell Diamonds Sydney guarantees you the best service in the industry when selling your Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery. Our time working in the jewellery buying industry and extensive knowledge means that we can assure our clients the highest payments on their jewellery as well as instant cash payments.


Highest Paying Buyers
With more than a decade of experience in the Diamond and jewellery buying industry, our team of certified specialists guarantee that you will receive the best possible price on your unwanted jewels when dealing with us. We make the whole process as smooth for you as possible, and once your diamonds or diamond jewellery are tested and valued, our trained Diamond Valuer will explain in detail why the current market price is situated where it is, and why your jewels have been given their specific value. Our evaluations and appointments are completely free of charge, meaning that we can focus on getting you the most money for your jewels. We cut out any unnecessary processes in the middle and deal directly with you to ensure that we can earn you the most money on your diamonds.


Instant Cash Payments
When selling your Diamonds or Diamond Jewellery, other businesses may put you through lengthy processes, requiring you to present Diamond Certification Documents, posting your jewels away to head offices, or leaving them on the premises to be valued at a later time by a Diamond Valuer. Sell Diamonds Sydney pay you for your jewels on the spot. Once you have booked an appointment to see us, had your jewellery valued and agreed to the best price you will receive on your jewels, you will walk out with money for them in the same day! We ensure that our trained team of Valuers are always on site to talk you through the sale of your unwanted jewels and allow you to leave the store with cash for them!


What Else Do We Buy

We buy a range of valuables, including gold, gold jewellery, broken jewellery, diamond rings and more. If you have an unwanted valuable, contact us to discuss selling it, and visit us for a no obligation free quote on your jewels!

At Sell Diamonds Sydney, we understand that jewellery can lay around in your cupboard collecting dust due to being unwanted gifts, heirlooms, and unwanted pieces due to change of taste. By visiting a trusted Diamond and Gold Buyer, you can have these traded in and receive cash on the spot in no time at all.


Antique gold, ornaments and coins may seem useless to you once you are finished with them, however our team of Gold Buyers will purchase these from you for the best price for you. We will weigh your gold and pay you in cash on the spot for your unwanted gold items.


Gold Jewellery
Our team of Gold Specialists work with all types of gold jewellery from rings, bracelets to necklaces and precious coins. Our Gold Valuers weigh your gold jewels on the spot and talk you through their value, meaning that you can leave our store with cash for your unwanted jewels!


Broken Jewellery
Building up a collection of broken jewellery but not sure what to do with it? Our team can offer you the highest price on your broken, old jewellery and scrap gold. We look at the value of the stones and the metal, rather than the condition of it as a piece of jewellery, ensuring that you are paid the highest amount in cash and are completely comfortable with selling your unwanted broken jewels.


Diamond Rings
Old heirlooms and unwanted gifts sitting around? Bring your Diamond Rings to us for the best offer on them at Sell Diamonds Sydney. We make the process as simple and easy for you as possible, meaning that all you need to do is get in contact with us and the rest is up to us.